Dento Alveolar Fractures

Dento Alveolar Fractures

Dentoalveolar fractures refer to fractures, displaced, broken or even lost teeth and damage to the supporting bone. This kind of trauma to the mouth is commonly caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or incidents of personal violence. When seeking treatment for dentoalveolar injuries, Dr Kruger is well equipped to assist in the treatment of injuries that involve the jawbone, teeth and facial supporting structures.

What might treatment entail?

Depending on the severity of the injury, dentoalveolar fractures can result in displaced, broken or lost teeth and fracturing of the supporting bone. Treatment options depend on the individual and the extent of the fracture. The goal of surgery for dentoalveolar fractures is to restore the teeth to the pre-injury position and restore the normal contour of the dental arches.

Treatment may involve fixation with microplates and screws, or the teeth may be splinted together in a unit that is generally much stronger than a single tooth alone. The teeth may be extracted if the damage is severe, but the alveolar bone needs to be preserved to support dental implants or a partial denture. In cases where the supporting bone may be compromised, Dr Kruger may need to take a bone graft to build up the strength of the jaw bone.

Dr Kruger will work alongside your dentist, prosthodontist and orthodontist to repair your smile as well as the functionality of the mouth and jaw in the medium to long term.

Dr Herman E.C. Kruger


He is a Registered Specialist in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery in private practice and part-time public service and manages disease processes, trouma and injuries as well as congenital defects involving the mouth, jaws and facial bones. Read more about Dr Kruger.


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