Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment such as braces and bite splints are often inadequate to manage complicated jaw discrepancies. Surgical orthodontic treatment done by a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon may be necessary to treat malocclusions of the jaw and other minor surgeries to assist the specialist orthodontist in moving the teeth into the correct position and in achieving long term stability.

Why would I need orthodontic surgery?

The jaws may not always grow at the same pace. This can lead to discrepancies in the size and function of one jaw or both. The Orthodontist always tries to avoid surgical procedures, but there are some cases where the misalignment of the jaw may require surgical intervention.

What may orthodontic surgeries involve?

Dr Kruger may suggest one of the following orthodontic surgeries:

  • Orthognathic surgery may be required to realign an overbite, underbite or misaligned jaw.
  • Surgical exposure and bonding of impacted teeth may be done to enable the orthodontist to move an impacted tooth into the dental arch using traction.
  • Teeth alignment surgery may be done that will involve the removal of teeth and reshaping of the jaw.
  • A corticotomy surgery may also be required to section the bone around the teeth or the jaw to speed up your orthodontic treatment, especially in older patients having full fixed appliance orthodontic treatment.
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth may be performed to prevent incisor crowding, i.e. the front teeth to overlap, due to forward pressure from the un-erupted wisdom teeth.
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