Facial Bone Fractures

Facial Bone Fractures

Facial bone fractures occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, sport injuries or injuries at the work place. Facial fractures could be a simple mandible (lower jaw) fracture, but may involve the frontal bone (forehead), orbits (eye sockets), zygomatic bones (fractured cheekbone), maxilla (top jaw) as well as a nasal bone fracture. This could be complicated by compound fracturing of the midface according to the so-called Le Fort facial fracture patterns and may involve admission into intensive care. Management of maxillofacial trauma involves open reduction under general anaesthesia and internal fixations with titanium microplates and screws.

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He is a Registered Specialist in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery in private practice and part-time public service and manages disease processes, trouma and injuries as well as congenital defects involving the mouth, jaws and facial bones. Read more about Dr Kruger


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