Removal Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Semi-erupted or impacted wisdom teeth might need surgical removal as they can cause severe discomfort in the form of peri coronal infection, tooth abscess, periodontal disease or bone destruction around adjacent teeth, as well as growths and cysts with grave complications to your health. Teenagers are normally affected, but these complications often only present later in life. Wisdom tooth extraction or surgical removal of third molars can be very problematic, but Dr Kruger will perform panoramic X Ray examination of the jaws and discuss the operation with you.

The wisdom teeth removal procedure can be performed under local or general anaesthetic according to the clinical presentation and radiological signs. The prophylactic removal of third molars, (i.e. asymptomatic or before the teeth cause complications), is a contentious issue worldwide due to pressure from healthcare funders. Most orthodontists will recommend removal of wisdom teeth after your orthodontic appliances (or braces) are removed because it may cause incisor crowding, i.e. the front teeth to overlap, due to forward pressure from the wisdom teeth.

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